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Case studies

As a direct result of improving in self-esteem and experiencing success, children have improved their academic work and gone on to develop strategies enabling them to work collaboratively with their fellow classmates – something they found extremely difficult, if not impossible to achieve prior to KSA intervention. ┬áThe character development noted amongst the children has gone from strength to strength and they continue to work collaboratively, encouraging each other and celebrating success. Below are some case studies, with children’s names removed, that explain in more detail the type of interventions KSA perform and their impact on individual children.

Child 6

Child A has been with the school since Year 1 and although academically bright and liked by his peers suffers…

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Child 4

Child C has had difficulties in the past with her over activity and enthusiasm. She can limit her learning and…

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Child 3

Child D started KSA with an issue of participating in P.E lesson, especially with outside agencies. He would often become…

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Child 1

Child F is eight years old and has difficulties in school and at home with following instructions and listening to…

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