Child 6

Child A has been with the school since Year 1 and although academically bright and liked by his peers suffers with low self-esteem, lack of confidence and has issues dealing with anger when frustrated.

He has previously had an IBP and is under the local hospital for self-esteem/anger management issues. This has affected areas of work such as maths and group work tasks, as he often becomes frustrated and angry when others don’t do as he wishes. He can be rude, aggressive and tries to dominate peers physically as well as verbal.

Child A hasn’t always been able to recognise his role in the difficulties he has faced and he generally blames others when he loses control. The KSA sessions have made Child A more aware of his strengths and weaknesses and he now recognises problem solving and group work tasks are difficult because of the way he chooses to respond to them. Whilst not perfect, there has been a considerable improvement in Child A’s ability to work with others over the last two half terms. In lessons we refer directly to Child A and remind him of what he has achieved in the sessions and how he can move forward.

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